Culinary Tours.

An excellent way to learn the cooking secrets of Seledonia is by taking our exclusive culinary tour. It starts with a little tour of the San Pedro local market. Here we will learn more about the products of the region, and we will buy the necessary ingredients. Then we will go to the restaurant kitchen to prepare our selected dishes. Afterwards we will taste our culinary creations.

Basic Tour: from 9:30 am to 12:00 hrs. 

Tour with San Pedro market visit: from 8:00 am to 12:30 hrs.

Seledonia Restaurant


Lomo Saltado Seledonia Restaurant

The most wanted dish in our culinary tours is the Novoandino Chicken. This dish consists of chicken covered with strawberry and ginger sauce. However, our clients can choose among a variety of dishes, such as the “Lomo Saltado” and the “Ají de Gallina”. If you want a vegetarian option, you can opt for the “Picante de Queso”. 

With market visit

55 USD (2-3 people)

50 USD (4-6 people)

Without market visit

40 USD (2-3 people)

35 USD (4-6 people)

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