Covid 19

Face masks are still mandatory

In order to contain the spread of the new COVID-19 variant, the Peruvian Government has implemented new restrictions applicable to the businesses which operate in the country. The Supreme Decree N° 010-2022 has classified the province of Cusco within the High Alert Level. This law also states that the use of face masks is mandatory. The law establishes that every person must use a KN95 face mask or, failing that,  a three layer face mask over a fabric face mask. The face masks must be wore in public and closed areas.

Tourists must be vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test

According to the article 8.5 of the Supreme Decree N° 010-2022, every 12 year old person or older who travels to Peru must be vaccinated against COVID-19 with the complete vaccination schedule. Failing that, they must present a negative molecular COVID-19 test emitted within 48 hours before boarding their departure point. Minors under 12 years can travel to Peru while they don’t present symptoms of COVID-19. Every person who shows symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival must undergo mandatory quarantine.

Businesses have limited capacity

Due to the inclusion of the province of  Cusco within the High Alert Level, according to article 1 of the Supreme Decree N° 011-2022, the businesses which operate within the province have the following maximum capacities:

Businesses which operate in closed spaces

  • Malls, commercial galleries, department stores, general stores and commercial conglomerates: 60%
  • Essential goods stores, supermarkets, markets, small stores and pharmacies: 60%
  • Restaurants and similar businesses which customer service areas (lounge, bar and waiting area) are less than 200 square meters in indoor zones: 80%
  • Casinos and slot machines: 40%
  • Cinemas and scenic arts: 60%
  • Banks and other financial entities: 60%
  • Temples and cult places: 60%
  • Libraries, museums, cultural centers and art galleries: 80%
  • Club activities and sports associations (contact sports): 60%
  • Club activities and sports associations (contact-less sports): 60%
  • Business and professional events: 60%
  • Barbershops: 60%
  • Spa, Turkish baths, sauna, thermal baths: 40%
  • Coliseums: 60%
  • Gyms: 60%


Businesses which operate in open spaces

These businesses must comply with the current COVID-19 regulations, and their activities must have been authorized by the local government.

  • Scenic Arts.
  • Cultural teachings.
  • Restaurants and similar businesses which operate in open areas.
  • Protected areas, botanical gardens, monuments or archaeological areas, open space museums and zoos.
  • Thermal Baths located in open spaces.
  • Activities performed in clubs and open space sport associations.
  • Business and professional events performed in open spaces.
  • Traveling markets.
  • Sport stadiums (complete vaccination schedule plus reinforcement dose is required): 70%